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Unlike the laws of most foreign countries, United States law holds that the first person to invent a new and useful invention is entitled to a patent. Because of this fact, proper documentation of dates of invention and subsequent reduction to practice are important tasks for those seeking to obtain patent protection in the United States.

The best form of documentation is a chronological inventor’s notebook, signed by the inventor and witnesses by at least two others who have read and understand the invention. Despite this fact, there are few commercial outlets for inventor’s notebooks and fewer sources of information on how to properly document inventions inside of these notebooks. There are patenting agencies like Invent Help to help you sort this out.

As noted above, the US grants patents to the first to invent and not the first to file a patent application. Thus, an important part of the inventive process should be the keeping of records to prove the date of conception and reduction to practice of the invention. In general, a disclosure that includes the name of the inventor or inventors, the first recorded date, the date that the record is being made, a general description of the invention and signatures and dates of signing by one or more witnesses is sufficient to prove conception. First and foremost, DO NOT MAIL A COPY OF THE DISCLOSURE TO YOURSELF, as this is not sufficient to prove conception or reduction practice of the invention. Rather, a thread bound laboratory notebook should be used for recording all original data and ideas. This notebook should be kept by the individual inventor who determines the contents and maintains the notebook. Notebook entries should generally include a statement of the problem to be solved and the essential features of the proposed solution as it will be reduced to practice.

To be admitted into evidence in a legal proceeding, each page of the notebook should be signed, dated and witnessed by someone who reads, understands, signs and dates his signature on the page. In general, the witnesses should not be related to the inventor (i.e.. wife, child, parent, uncle, etc.) or a co-inventor of the invention in question.

The first page of the notebook should contain a Table of Contents set out in a logical manner to provide ready and quick reference. After the Table of Contents, the remainder of the book should include a chronological series of entries describing inventive activity and should follow the following conventions.

Corporate inventors should use only laboratory notebooks distributed by the corporation to record inventions belonging to the corporation.

Laboratory notebook pages should be consecutively numbered.

All entries into the notebook should be made in ink to rebut any argument of undetectable alteration of the record.

Never erase an entry. If mistakes are made, incorrect entries should be crossed out with a single line so as not to destroy legibility and the correct entry should be written in above, followed by the writer’s initials and the date. Errors not discovered at the time of signing should be corrected on a subsequent page.

Chronological entries should be maintained. Each design or experiment should be started on a new page, but blank pages or blank spaces on pages should never be left as blank spaces or pages can be construed as an indication of the intention to make later entries, which is not permissible. If the record of the experiment requires more then one page, refer to the page where the record will be continued prior to signing and closing out the page.

Entries should refer to any separate analytical or test data not included in the notebook and separate test data should be separately signed and witnessed.

Notebook pages must be closed by signing and dating the pages shortly after the entries have been made. After the page is closed, no further entries should be made. As used here, entries means any marks such as corrections and question marks made by those who review the record. Before signing, any blank space on the page between the entry and the signature lines should be crossed out.

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Information on Guinea Pigs Food

Guinea pigs are generally herbivores. They don’t eat meat and their diet mainly consists of plant materials. You will not spend too much on their food especially if you have your own vegetable garden.

One characteristic of Guinea Pigs which is similar to humans is the inability of their body to produce Vitamin C. Without it, they will suffer from scurvy and other similar conditions. That is why they need a steady supply of food rich in vitamin C in their diet. This can come from fresh vegetables, fruits, grass and pellets supplement enriched with Vitamin C. Celery especially its greens are also an excellent source of this vitamin. So to answer the question is celery safe for guinea pigs, the answer is definitely, yes.

If you are a Guinea Pig lover and you have several of them, it is important for you to know what foods are suitable and not suitable for them.

Additionally, there are a lot of available resources in the Internet that can guide you in caring for your pet. Don’t just believe what other people say because they may be telling you something which has no proof or is based on outdated information. In fact, some pet owners say that Guinea Pigs cannot eat celery. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery? You will never know for sure unless you read some reliable sources online. And yes, Guinea Pigs can eat celery.

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STD Home Test

Depending on the panel of testing you choose, your home std test may vary in procedure. Here is a general overview of how home std tests work.

Order Test: Depending on your needs you can pick your own test panels or fill out a survey to see what the physicians recommend for you base on a few anonymous questions about yourself.

Get Tested: Depending on the test panel you choose you may have: you can use at home STD tests and complete testing in the comfort of your own home, or a simple 15 minute clinic visit to draw a blood or urine sample. The clinical facilities test for many different conditions and diseases, so you can feel assured that no one else will know what you are being tested for.

Get Results: Your privacy is always respected, your home std test results will never appear on any permanent medical records without your explicit permission. Each company provides an expiration date when your confidential test results will be destroyed. And your lab results will NOT appear in any insurance records.

Talk to a doctor by Phone: If a doctor consultation is right for you then its easy to set up a phone consultation for a doctor to call you at your convenience. They may answer questions you have, discuss follow up treatment, or prescribe medications.

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What is a vegan lifestyle

People that adhere to a vegan lifestyle and diet believe that it is wrong to eat or use products that either from an animal or animal byproducts. There are different reasoning for this. Some people believe that it is cruel to sacrifice animals for humans to consume or wear. But some companies are making meat substitute products such as the plant based meat. Some people adapt the vegan diet due to its healthy properties. It has even been reported that eating a strict vegan diet can improve or cure certain health conditions.

Due to the fact that the vegan diet contains no animal proteins or by products such as milk and cheese, it is very low in fat and cholesterol. This type of diet is very good for people with conditions such as high blood pressure or coronary artery disease. Studies have shown that this type of diet helps to prevent colon cancer, prostate cancer, reduce high blood pressure, and decreases the chances of being prone to a heart attack or stroke.

There is a lot of controversy as to the healthy qualities of the standard type of American diet. Some scientists believe that a properly planned vegan diet is a great improvement over the standard diet due to the fact that it includes enough fruits and vegetables to either meet or exceeded the intake that is required daily.

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