How to Choose The Best Lawn Care Service For Your Home

Maintaining a lush, green lawn is crucial to your home’s aesthetic appeal, not to mention it’s the first thing visitors typically notice upon arrival. However, achieving such a lawn requires care, knowledge, and foremost, patience. This is where professional lawn care services play a vital role. One such service provider is Kingsbury Lawn Care, who provide year-round, professionally tailored lawn treatment services.

When choosing a lawn care company, keep the following in mind:

Passionate and Qualified Technicians

Firstly, look for a service committed to delivering unrivalled lawn care solutions. Make sure the company has skilled technicians with a greenkeeping background or extensive lawn care training. At Kingsbury Lawn Care, for instance, the team seamlessly brings professional greenkeeper knowledge, products, and machinery right to your doorstep.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Opt for lawn care services that offer a comprehensive lawn treatment programme to ensure your lawn is maintained all year round. Kingsbury Lawn Care’s treatment programme includes eleven treatments per year, seven of which are chargeable, allowing for exceptional value while maintaining the health and radiance of your lawn.

Eco-friendly Approach

Choose lawn care services that prioritize your pet’s safety and the environment’s health. Kingsbury Lawn Care offers pet-safe treatments that are also friendly to the soil.

Value-Added Services

Companies that provide year-round lawn care and treatment should also offer value-added services like free technician surveys and assessments, comprehensive treatment reports, seasonal customer updates, and unlimited office support for excellent customer service.

Positive Customer Reviews

A quick look at customer experiences with a lawn care service can indicate its credibility and efficiency. Kingsbury Lawn Care boasts favorable reviews, where clients applaud their services, noting the transformation of their lawns and the professionalism of the technicians.


Trustworthiness is key, and memberships in lawn care associations serve as testament to service providers’ commitment to high-standard lawn care services. For instance, Kingsbury Lawn Care has been a member of the UK Lawn Care Association since 2015.


The team’s background and extensive training in lawn care matter a great deal. At Kingsbury Lawn Care, their team’s turf management background and extensive lawn care training allow them to provide a service that a franchise could hardly replicate.

In Conclusion

When choosing a lawn care service for your home, consider the provider’s expertise, the range and quality of services provided, customer reviews, and commitment to eco-friendly practices. With these pointers in mind, you’re on your way to finding the best lawn care service for your home.

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