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Revolutionizing Freelance with Curated by Crema

Curated by Crema is an innovative payment platform built to support freelancers around the world. Unlike traditional freelance marketplaces, Curated by Crema aims to restructure the way both freelancers and businesses connect, making it effortless for freelancers to find work that fits their skills and for businesses to hire the right talent for their needs. Curated by Crema takes the cumbersome tasks associated with traditional hiring processes, streamlining them and significantly increasing the efficiency in the gig industry.

The Mission: Simplify The Process

With a straightforward yet powerful mission, Curated by Crema brings a revolution to the gig market, cutting through the chaos of selecting from thousands of freelancers. The platform offers businesses a simple service – tell them what you require, and they find you the right freelancer for the job. In return, businesses save valuable time, resources, and energy that would typically be expended during traditional hiring procedures. Consequently, this revolutionary model has transformed the freelancing landscape by diminishing the guesswork in finding the right match.

Vetting and Verification

One of the most significant challenges in the freelancing world is the risk of poor work quality or inefficient deliverables due to the immense number of freelancers available in the market. Curated by Crema addresses this issue head-on with stringent vetting and verification processes for freelancers who wish to join the platform. In doing so, Curated ensures only qualified, top-level curated freelancers are allowed to offer their services.

Businesses using the platform are, therefore, provided with quality assured, vetted professionals, substantially reducing the risks and uncertainties often present when hiring from traditional gig marketplaces. This policy guarantees a strong foundation of trust and reliability between clients and freelancers, fostering an environment of seamless collaboration.

Latin American Talent: An Untapped Market

Curated by Crema brings a unique focus on Latin American freelance talents who often find themselves overlooked or at a disadvantage in the global gig market. Curated recognizes the immense potential and skillset present within this region and connects Latin American freelancers with businesses in need of talented professionals. By doing so, Curated addresses a gap in the market and offers global businesses access to competent professionals who can compete with their US-based counterparts in both quality and expertise.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Businesses

Curated by Crema presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to access premium freelance talent without breaking the bank. The platform highlights Latin American professionals, who often come with a more cost-effective proposition compared to their US equivalents. This approach leads to a win-win situation for both freelancers and businesses – talented individuals from Latin America receive more opportunities, while businesses benefit from lower costs and high-quality work.


Curated by Crema is redefining the world of freelancing by creating a bridge between businesses and qualified professionals capable of delivering top-notch results. Through the platform’s rigorous vetting process and focus on Latin American talent, it offers a goldmine for businesses seeking cost-effective, skilled solutions for their projects. Curated by Crema ultimately changes the landscape of the gig industry by reducing hiring guesswork and nurturing trust in the outsourcing process.

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