STD Home Test

Depending on the panel of testing you choose, your home std test may vary in procedure. Here is a general overview of how home std tests work.

Order Test: Depending on your needs you can pick your own test panels or fill out a survey to see what the physicians recommend for you base on a few anonymous questions about yourself.

Get Tested: Depending on the test panel you choose you may have: you can use at home STD tests and complete testing in the comfort of your own home, or a simple 15 minute clinic visit to draw a blood or urine sample. The clinical facilities test for many different conditions and diseases, so you can feel assured that no one else will know what you are being tested for.

Get Results: Your privacy is always respected, your home std test results will never appear on any permanent medical records without your explicit permission. Each company provides an expiration date when your confidential test results will be destroyed. And your lab results will NOT appear in any insurance records.

Talk to a doctor by Phone: If a doctor consultation is right for you then its easy to set up a phone consultation for a doctor to call you at your convenience. They may answer questions you have, discuss follow up treatment, or prescribe medications.

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