Beginner Surfboards: Catching the First Wave Right

Embarking on your surfing journey can be highly exhilarating. However, surfing success highly depends on choosing the right surfboard. As a beginner, finding the right blend of stability, buoyancy, and ease of control is crucial. A suitable board can help minimize the learning curve, fostering your progress and confidence. So, let’s discuss the surfboards best suitable for beginners which can be found in multiple surf stores globally.


Longboards, typically starting from 8 feet and extending up to 14 feet, are a beginner’s best friend. Owing to their size and width, these boards offer ample space and stability which are critical for novices learning to balance and stand up. The rounded nose and wider body ensure a higher floatation level, making it easier to catch small, slow-moving waves. Hence, longboards offer a perfect platform for beginners to understand the nuances of wave riding.

Foam Surfboards

When you’re just getting started, falls and spills are part and parcel of surfing. Foam surfboards, also affectionately known as “foamies,” provide softer landings due to their foam construction. They typically range between 6 and 8 feet, offering robust buoyancy and stability, essential for beginners to learn the basics of surfing safely and effectively. The heightened floatability of foam surfboards makes catching waves considerably easier, thus making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Mini Malibu or Funboards

While the name Funboards may seem appealing as a beginner, these boards are mini-versions of Malibu or longboards. They range between 7 to 8 feet and serve as an excellent intermediate step from longboards or foam boards to more performance-oriented boards. They provide the right balance of stability from a longboard and the maneuverability from a shortboard, making them perfect for beginners who have gained confidence in their basic surfing skills.

Pop-Out Surfboards

Pop-out surfboards are perfect for anyone new to surfing due to their durable construction and affordability. Made from materials such as plastic or epoxy resins, these boards are not only robust but also lighter and easier to maneuver, making the learning process less intimidating. Pop-outs range in all shapes and sizes, but as a beginner, opting for a larger size will provide the necessary stability.

Soft Top Longboards

A variant of the conventional longboard, the soft top longboard provides an exceptional beginner experience. The ‘soft top’ refers to the foam surface that covers the top of the board, offering a comfortable padding which reduces the risk of injuries during falls. Soft top longboards range from 8 to 12 feet and are renowned for their excellent buoyancy and stability.

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Choosing the right surfboard can profoundly influence your surfing journey. It is essential to remember that as a beginner, bigger is usually better. Starting with a larger, more stable board such as a longboard, foam board or funboard will help you understand wave dynamics and improve your balance before gradually transitioning to smaller, more maneuverable boards. While the surfboard will help initiate your journey, your persistence, practice, and passion for the waves will carve your path to surfing success.

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