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Get the Answers to Your Tax Questions About WISP

If you’re wondering what a WISP is and how it relates to tax purposes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain what a WISP is, what the IRS requires of tax preparers who use a WISP, and what the requirements are for using the WISP service.

What is Written Information Security Plan?

A written information security plan is a document that describes the security measures you’ve taken to protect your clients’ personal information. The IRS requires all tax preparers who use WISP to have a written security plan in place. The IRS has made it clear that tax preparers who do not have written security plans are subject to fines.

What Does The IRS Require Of Tax Preparers Who Use A WISP?

The IRS requires that all tax preparers who use a WISP must be registered with the IRS and must ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable IRS regulations. They must also maintain a record of all services they have provided and all fees they have charged. All WISP transactions must be reported to the IRS, and the IRS can also audit any tax preparer who uses a WISP.

What Are The Requirements For Using The WISP Service?

To use the WISP service, you must first register with the IRS and obtain a valid WISP authorization number. You must also be familiar with the IRS rules and regulations related to the WISP service. Additionally, you must be able to provide financial records and documentation to the IRS when requested.

A WISP can be a great way to get help with your taxes and manage investments. However, it’s important to make sure you understand the IRS’s requirements for using a WISP and that you comply with them.

WISP tax preparer template provides tax professionals with a framework for creating a WISP, and is designed to help tax professionals safeguard their clients’ confidential information. The template includes sections for describing the security team, outlining policies and procedures, and providing examples of how to handle specific situations.


WISP is a valuable tool for tax preparation and investment management. With the right understanding of the IRS requirements and regulations, you can make the most of the WISP service and get the help you need to handle your taxes and investments.

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