Get Your Birth Certificate Fast in Texas

A birth certificate is the official government document that states a person’s birth information. The most common reason to request a birth certificate is to confirm identity or eligibility for passport, job or school applications.

Birth certificates are issued by state and local governments, not by the federal government. You can order them online or in person at your local city hall, Department of Health office or vital records office.

How to Get a Birth Certificate Online

In many states, it’s possible to order a certified copy of your own birth certificate online from the state vital records office. If you’re applying for employment or another form of identification that requires proof of citizenship, this is probably the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on a certified copy of your birth certificate.

How to Get an Uncertified Copy of Your Birth Certificate Online

Many states offer an uncertified copy of your birth certificate online — sometimes called an informational copy — which is not considered legal proof of identity but may be sufficient for some purposes (such as obtaining a passport). You’ll need to provide some personal details such as name, date and place of birth in addition to payment information when ordering this type of document through the state website.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in the state of Texas?

If you want to get a copy of your birth certificate in Texas, there are several options available:

-You can request an uncertified copy from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) by mail. This is usually the cheapest option and takes up to four weeks to arrive.

-You can order an expedited certified copy online or over the phone by providing specific information about yourself and your birth parents, such as name, date and place of birth.

The fastest and easiest way to get a Texas birth certificate is to hire a private Texas birth certificate company to do it for you. This can be done in as little as 24 hours, depending on the company that you choose.


The process of getting a Texas birth certificate can be difficult and confusing. It’s best to start early and prepare in advance so that you don’t miss any deadlines or lose out on important legal rights.

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