Hiring A Security Guard Is A Must For Executives And VIPs

Corporate executives should consider hiring a skilled, experienced London bodyguard as a worthwhile – even essential – investment. Violent crime in London is rising: 7 percent more people were shot, murders jumped by 11 percent, and rapes rose 13 percent. While crimes against property were decreasing slightly, violence against people was actually increasing.

A reliable, highly trained executive security guard protects against annoying intruders and lethal dangers alike. Terrorists, paparazzi, and kidnappers have become all-too-common hazards in all world-class cities. Ironically, the people who hold the most wealth and influence have become more vulnerable to these growing dangers, and now walk the earth at higher risk, during private moments and public appearances.

A competent security guard is an invaluable personnel addition for all high-profile individuals, especially in a world center like London. London security services can serve to protect the VIP’s business, home, and family, as well. The best candidates for the job will have prior police, security, or military experience, and a long history of operating successfully in today’s business world. Cranky or eccentric misfits cannot do this job well, even if they can boast the most impressively bulging muscles.

Because the right man (or woman) for the job will remain present in the home and business for long hours and accompany the executive or celebrity at many diverse functions, being able to feel comfortable with this professional protector is important. The best bodyguards blend in, besides being of impeccable character, and step into the business and pleasure at hand only as needed. After all, the most effective martial arts methods make ultra-efficient use of the most subtle techniques.

Though physical strength is crucial, trustworthiness and discretion also are among the most important qualifications for an executive security guard. Such a person who comes on board will most likely be of help when it comes to screening others who apply for positions of trust. All other situations considered, preventing serious crimes, including stalking, security breaches, assault, kidnapping, and assassination, is at the top of the job description for any security guard in London.

Some high-profile people are self-defense experts and may hesitate to hire a professional security guard. But self-protection, as valuable as those skills are, inevitably will draw vital energy and valuable attention away from one’s job and family. The dire consequences and significant costs to executives and other VIPs of violent crimes have made hiring a London security guard one of life’s key necessities.

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