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Investor Complaints about Peakstone Realty Trust

In the realm of real estate investments, trust and transparency are key. However, when these pillars of confidence seem shaky, as they did for the investors of Griffin Realty Trust — now rebranded as Peakstone Realty Trust — complaints and misgivings inevitably arise. Let’s explore the nature of these investor objections, focusing largely on allegations concerning the misconception of the REIT as a conservative, liquid investment.

Complaint 1: Misrepresentation of Investment Profile

Among the most significant complaints lodged by investors against Griffin Realty Trust was the claimed distortion of the company’s investment profile. Many investors reported feeling misled at the portrayal of the REIT as a conservative investment – a safe, relatively risk-free option. The trust was portrayed as a steady earner with stable returns. However, as time passed, the actual risk associated with Griffin Realty Trust began to surface, causing consternation among investors.

Complaint 2: Illiquidity Issues

An investment’s liquidity, or its ease of conversion to cash, comprises a central factor for consideration by investors. Griffin Realty Trust was represented as a liquid investment, meaning investors would be able to cash in their shares relatively quickly if needed. However, a slew of investors soon found these promises unmet. Converting Griffin Realty Trust’s shares back into cash turned out to be a difficult affair.

Complaint 3: Dwindling Net Asset Values (NAV)

Aggravating the complaint landscape were significant reductions in the Net Asset Values (NAV) per share for Griffin Realty Trust. A depreciating NAV heavily impacts the shareholders’ returns on investment, which contradicted the alleged promises of stable returns asserted by the REIT. The continuous fall in NAV per share further fueled investor grievances.

Complaint 4: Investor Redemption Challenges

Adding insult to injury, Griffin Realty Trust started facing redemption issues. This problem was notably alarming as it directly impacted the responsibility and commitment the REIT owed to its investors. The inability to fulfill redemptions as promised only added fuel to the already escalating trust issues.

Finding Their Voice: Investor Advocacy

As the list of complaints grew, investors found an ally in Haselkorn & Thibaut, a law firm specializing in investment fraud and securities arbitration. The firm provided investors with a necessary understanding of their rights, helping them seek legal redress against the perceived misrepresentations by Griffin Realty Trust. You can find more info about them from their website.

Consequences and Future Outlook

The mounting investor complaints eventually led to Griffin Realty Trust’s transformation into Peakstone Realty Trust. This rebranding, combined with a strategic shift in the business model, marks an attempt to address past missteps and regain investor trust. However, the memories of past investor complaints persist, serving as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and trust in the investment world.


The case of Griffin Realty Trust underscores the pivotal role of investor confidence and clear representation of an investment’s profile. The journey from dissent to resolution in the case of Griffin and its successor, Peakstone Realty Trust, paints a revealing portrait of investor advocacy in action.

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