Using Scrap Leather for Craft Projects

Some of the best craft projects can be made by using pieces of scrap material left over from other projects. Scrap leather can be used to create several interesting and original items. By sewing the separate scrap pieces together, people can make a colorful patchwork purse. This purse can have a rounded body with shoulder strap and Velcro closure. The interior of the purse can be lined using a cheaper fabric such as polyester or nylon. A small coin purse can also be made from scrap leather by creating a pouch with a snap closure. The top flap with the snap can be designed to fit over the width of a belt for easy carrying.

Lær can also be glued to items to create a decorative pattern. A mirror with a worn out frame can be given new life with the addition of leather scraps. The scraps could be cut in diagonal strips to create a uniform pattern around the frame. The leather strips could also be used in combination with metallic cord in an alternating pattern to add more elegance to the design. A pencil holder can also be made more distinctive by gluing pieces of leather to the outside of a small plastic container. Like the mirror frame, the pieces of leather on a pencil holder can be accented with colored beads, studs or sequins.

Wrist bracelets are popular accessory items worn by many young people. These bracelets can be made using leftover scraps of leather. The width of the bracelet will depend on the person it is being designed for, with thinner styles usually made for girls. The scrap leather can be tooled to create decorative patterns on the surface. Tooled leather can also be used to make decorative key chains or holders for hunting knives. Small pieces of leather can also be used to create a stylish jewelry box. The patches of leather can be glued to the surface of a wooden box to create a fashionable place for storing jewelry.

Leather can also be used to enhance the look of several hair accessories. Large hair clips or barrettes are easily transformed into trend setting accessories with the addition of leather. The leather can either be glued to cover the surface or wound around the item to create more depth and texture. Fun hair accessories could be designed using leather bands designed with strings of colorful beads or cords with feathers attached.

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