What Are eCommerce Fulfillment Services?

Amazon fulfillment services include everything from packing and shipping your inventory to managing your returns. Fulfillment services are an important part of your business, and Amazon can help you get the most out of it.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that allows you to store your items in an Amazon warehouse and have them picked, packed, shipped and provided with customer service on your behalf. When a customer buys one of your products, Amazon will ship it right out as part of their normal operations. Once the item is sold by you, they take care of the entire process.

But, very often Amazon FBA gets overfilled and then mistakes start to happen, your products are not shipped on time, or to the wrong address, the rules are constantly changing, etc. Fortunately there are FBA alternatives called eCommerce fulfillment services. It is like using third-party Amazon fulfillment services.

eCommerce fulfillment services are the backbone of an online business. Without a good fulfillment service, you can’t sell products online.

The right eCommerce fulfillment company will help you process orders, pick, pack and ship your products to customers. They will also manage customer service for returns and exchanges.

What do eCommerce fulfillment companies do?

There are three main things that need to be done when fulfilling an order:

Processing the order – This includes taking payment from the customer, entering their shipping information into your system and printing out the label. This is also where you would check if the customer has any discount coupons or vouchers that need to be applied before the order goes through.

Picking – The picking team will select which items go into each box based on how many boxes you want to ship per order, how much weight each item weighs and whether or not they are fragile. They also determine which items need to be shipped together in multiples (like two pairs of shoes). Once they have picked all of the items needed for an order, they place them in a box and seal it up with tape so nothing falls out during shipping.

Packaging – Packaging involves placing each item inside its own protective bubble wrap envelope or bag.

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