How Patent Assistance Companies Work with New Invention Ideas

Bringing an invention to life involves a series of intricate and demanding steps, replete with obstacles and technicalities. This is where the expertise of patent assistance companies becomes invaluable. Among these, InventHelp stands as a trusted ally for inventors, offering a personal and comprehensive service aimed at turning inventive ideas into patented realities.

InventHelp, with their commitment towards realizing new invention ideas, commits to a detailed, step-wise approach through the patent journey. But, do I need a patent to sell my invention idea? In short, yes. A patent is a legal document that grants you the sole right to market and sell your invention for a certain period of time. Without this protection, anyone can copy your idea and sell it as their own. InventHelp’s patent services ensure that you get the patent protection you need for your invention ideas by providing legal assistance throughout the process of securing patents for products or processes.

Personalized Invention Consultation

The journey with InventHelp begins with an initial invention consultation. During this step, InventHelp’s experts evaluate the potential of the inventor’s idea. They help determine the uniqueness of the concept and gauge its feasibility. This stage paves the way for a successful patent application.

Detailed Patent Search

After understanding the invention, InventHelp conducts a detailed patent search. This crucial step involves thoroughly exploring existing patents to ensure that the proposed invention is, indeed, novel. By identifying potential conflicts and similarities at this stage, InventHelp mitigates the risk of patent rejection down the line, increasing the chances of successful patent issuance.

Comprehensive Patent Application Drafting

Once the domain is clear, InventHelp’s specialized team crafts a meticulous patent application. This application outlines the invention in detail, delineating its unique aspects and functional details. By producing a solid, comprehensive patent application, InventHelp ensures the strongest possible protection for the inventor’s intellectual property.

Filing and Prosecution Support

After the preparation of the patent application, InventHelp guides inventors through the task of filing it at the patent office. But their assistance doesn’t end there. As patent prosecution often involves addressing queries and objections from the patent examiner, InventHelp provides full support during this process and strives to facilitate a successful patent grant.

Post-Patenting Support

Beyond the patenting process, InventHelp continues to offer support to inventors. From helping devise marketing strategies to connecting inventors with manufacturers or potential licensees, InventHelp makes sure that no inventor is alone on the path to successful commercialization of their invention. You can learn more about InventHelp and their services on their website.


InventHelp’s clear, methodical approach, dedicated attention, and unwavering support during the patenting journey make the task less daunting for inventors. With their help, new invention ideas can find their rightful place in the world – responsibly protected, commercially viable, and ready to make their mark.

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