When You Need To Repair The Roof?

When it comes to roof repair, you have two options: replace or repair. While replacing your roof is often the best option, it also can be extremely expensive.

If you’re not sure if you need to replace your old roof or if repairs will do the trick, here are some signs that may help you decide:

Your roof has more than one layer of shingles. Roofs with more than one layer of shingles have a greater chance of leaking because each layer adds to the weight and causes the framing beneath to sag. If you have an old roof with more than one layer of shingles, it’s time for a new one.

Your roof has curled up edges. Curling up edges on a shingle indicate that it’s too brittle and needs to be replaced.

You notice leaks around chimneys, vents or skylights. Leaks around these areas are indicative of underlying problems with your current roof that can only be fixed by replacing it entirely.

Your roof is missing shingles. Missing shingles are a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. You can’t tell if your roof leaks because it’s hidden from view by trees or other obstructions.

If you have a roof that’s 15 years old or older, it might be time to consider a replacement. A new roof will help protect your home from leaks and water damage, which can cause major structural damage if left untreated.

Your roof has black streaks. If you have a black streak running down the middle of your shingle, it’s time to replace it. The streak indicates that the shingle was installed incorrectly and is likely causing water damage.

You have moss growing on your roof. Moss is a sign that water is getting into your roof, and it can cause rot or mold in the underlying layers.

Call The Professionals To Take A Look

If you’re not sure if your roof requires a replacement, it’s best to call in the professionals. A roofing Villa Hills KY contractor will be able to assess the damage and let you know whether or not your roof needs a repair or replacement.

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